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  • Teresa St. Frances:
    Medium with a Mission

    Blessed with The Gift of a Whisper

    Hi my name is Teresa St. Frances, and I’ve been blessed with “The Gift of a Whisper.” 

    Throughout my professional career as a spiritual messenger, I have helped thousands of people heal by providing loving, insightful messages from their heavenly family, friends, and pets. The messages received are not only healing, they are validating, as well. These messages have allowed my clients to find closure, peace, hope, love, forgiveness, and, more significantly, a healthier life.

    The Outer Realm

    I am a medium with a mission. What does that mean? I transform lives by awakening people to their divine design.  It’s my job to take all of these beautiful, loving, profound messages and incorporate them to the next level of awareness for you in order to help you create a life you love and love the life you create. It is through a translation of spiritual messages in which an understanding is discovered that will help you to uncover your purpose. Through me, spirits communicate with you in order to open your consciousness to your divine design.


    I am a Medium with a Message.  Acting as a vessel for messages from heavenly spirits only scratches the surface of this realm; I can take these messages above and beyond from this plane to the next in order to resolve your past, assist to create your present, and guide your future.

    In addition, I am on a mission not only to connect teens who have committed suicide with their loved ones, but also feel called to affect change in that arena, as well. 

    My Why

    You; you are my why. Everyone is important and each of us has a life contract and a life purpose. As far back as early childhood, I’ve had a deep connection with spirit. My trials have turned into my triumphs. It is not only my connection but now my cause and my calling to help others. My giftedness is unlike any other medium in that I am authentically and genuinely serving others with my gifts from a heart-centered space at the highest possible level. I can communicate with spirits past, but also guide you toward a purposeful future that is just waiting for you. 


    The foundation of my service has a heart-centered, meaningful aura as I energetically connect you with your loves. I am all about serving and spreading the universal truth that everyone has a spiritual family and we are not alone. Not only do I serve from the heart to connect you with your loves or to guide you toward a divine future, I am taking my mission above and beyond working toward prevention of teen suicide.


    Professionally, I have spiritually connected others with their loves for over 35 years on a full-time basis. I am no stranger to lecturing, teaching, and public speaking throughout the country including stops at Barnes & Nobles along the way.


    On a personal note, while I feel blessed to humbly share my giftedness, I also have a lighter, more humorous side all the while being empathetic to you and your situation. I understand the supreme importance of balance when it comes to not only sharing love and light but being it, as well.

    I am humbled and touched by each family member I meet along the way. Allow me to share with you the love and light within.

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