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  • James, a client for over 6 years has a shocking reading.

    Jessica Brings Her Sister in Hopes of Speaking With Their Mom at the Open Forum in January 2018

    Heavenly Messages Event October 2018 – Albert W.

    Hi, you did a reading of me a couple weeks ago. A number of your statements about my father did not seem to connect. I’m sure you can’t remember details but I do and can say that what I thought might be misses, actually turns out to be direct hits. I told my sister about the reading and she knew much more than I did about your statements. Each was accurate. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

    Open Forum Reading - Kathy G.

    Teresa, Brad and I were so surprised that you read for us on Friday. We are eternally grateful for the messages that came through from both of our dads. What truly topped the experience was that the next day, my mother called me (without having ANY knowledge of what you said in the reading) and put in motion EVERYTHING that you said. As the conversation continued, I had to sit down because I was overwhelmed that it was happening without any input from me. The conversation between me and my brother (which I resisted at the time of your reading) came about on Saturday and ended on a totally congenial tone (which is ANOTHER MIRACLE). So…thank you again. This process will continue to constantly amaze me no matter how many times I experienced it.

    Unexpected Meeting Brings Woman to Tears When She Hears from Her Father

    The Skeptic - Judy R.

    I am very excited to have met Teresa I have had three readings with her two private and one open… immediately I was very comfortable. I Realize she has a way for making you feel at ease at first sight. I have benefited from her remarkable gift that was given to her. I am now at peace with myself. Teresa read nine of us at my home. My husband who was never read and a skeptic agreed to sitting with Teresa after I had in detail explained my open reading to him… he always thought the flickering lights were due to living in an old home and the shadows he saw well he just ignored them… he now knows the truth… his father from the other side came through told him our Furnace needed to be tended to with out delay… when I listened to his tape the next day after hearing Teresa being very firm not to waste any time in this matter I made an appointment for PSE&G to check out the Furnace well what happened next just floored my husband and me when the one gentlemen touched the main part (the gasket) fell apart in his hand and all water and sediment was pouring out. Along with five other parts had to be replaced. He informed me the next time (which would have been next week) I was to drain the Furnace, what happen that day would have happen to me … the mess would have done extensive damage to our basement. If I did not have the insurance the cost would have been over $1500.00. for a new furnace. All I can say is I am glad I did not procrastinate. I encourage all that are thinking of sitting with Teresa to do so… do not hesitate. Some of the information was private I will carry that with me for life…my friends were also very impressed. I just want to say that Teresa is the real deal that is for the people out there that may have been read and did not get much out of it.

    SPCA Event Fundraiser - Heather J. - Hamburg, NJ

    The first time I met Teresa was at a fundraiser.  There were quite a few people at the event. It was explained that she would do readings according to who came through on the other side and wished to talked. Imagine my surprise and delight when I was one of those lucky people at the Bergen County SPCA event to get a reading. She told me and my girlfriend that we were surrounded by horses, which was accurate, considering I worked with them the majority of my life. As she was discussing one of the horses, she laughed heartily and asked my girlfriend and myself who owned the delightful German Sheppard dog.  It instantly brought me to tears.  That was my beloved first dog, Brue, who had passed not too long ago. She described him to a tee, and told me that he still frequently visits me and my family. She also asked me if I had recently found his fur in the bathroom, which I had a year or so after he had passed away.  She told me information regarding my living pets as well.  Apparently, they were home waiting for me that night, and didn’t want to be left out.  One of my two current dogs, Orville, kept telling her about his “buddies”, which was my other dog, and what Orville kept saying was a “new addition”.  The new addition was my 2yr old son, who loves and adores Orville with all his heart, and vice versa.

    I left that evening amazed and delighted.  My girlfriend and I decided to have her come back to her home to speak with our horses, as well as quite a few other horses under our care.  The horses began to call to her the minute she pulled into the driveway.  She was able to confirm information about where they came from, what had happened to them previous to their rescue, and divulge the individuality of all their personalities.  She confirmed that they actually enjoy to be ridden, what they like, what they dislike, who they hold affection for, and what they would like from us.  She was also able to make us aware of a few minor health issues that a few had, so that we could address it for them, to make them more happy and comfortable under our care.

    I know that most people remain very skeptical about these types of abilities. I can be especially critical  myself of such other’s authenticity.  This lovely lady is the real deal.  She’s accurate, compassionate, and brutally honest with her readings.  She doesn’t ask leading questions, she simply asks for conformation or denial of the information she gives, and then leaves you with what she has said.  I get a very “good vibe” from her when she’s working, and I am impressed and amazed at how accurate she is with her information.  She’s also very careful about explaining how time concepts can differ between our plane of existence and theirs.  She’s very informative and thorough. I would highly recommend her, and will continue to use her myself for spiritual enlightenment.

    Teresa Reads Missy the Cat & Diana Her Mom

    Teresa, thank you so much for just being you.  Last night I needed more than a reading and you so unselfishly gave that to me.  I slept better last night then I have for months. When leaving your house we exited to a symphony of dog howls and I was afraid that would really freak Missy out.  She remained calm in her carrier.  When we got in the car she didn’t meow or whine.  When we got home she was more relaxed and lovey then she has been since we got Arthur.  I think he sensed that, too.  They co-exisited on the bed all night.  She is walking around today with more confidence and happier. He still is getting in her face, but she’s holding her own.  Thank you for her peace of mind as well.

    Just sitting in your safe and secure room with Missy totally at ease on my lap was a gift. Your insights into her life and personality more gifts.  Bless you, my dear.

    I so look forward to starting classes again in September.  My family is taking a trip to Europe the end of September the beginning of October so I may have to miss a few of the classes.  But I’m in.  So, please hold my spot.

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