• How long is the wait time for a reading?

    It varies. Reading wait times are about 1-3 weeks.

    Can Teresa read for me even if I'm not in the United States

    Yes, Teresa delivers Psychic Readings to clients around the world. Teresa is able to do phone and Skype consults, as well as in person readings.

    Will the conversation be confidential?

    Yes, Teresa will not share the reading with anyone else.

    Can I record the reading?

    You can use your smartphone to record.

    Can my partner and I share a reading?

    Teresa asks that only one person be present during each reading so that information is free to flow without censorship.

    Will Teresa do Psychic Readings for Children?

    With a parent or guardian included in the reading Teresa helps children heal. She also assists psychic children to cope with their gifts.

    I have a horse will Teresa come to my barn/farm?

    Teresa does travel to animal locations to communicate with large animals such as livestock and zoo animals.

    Does Teresa do group readings?

    Teresa does house parties for 6-10 people within a one-hour radius of her home. She will come to your house or business and each person will have a private 20 minutes psychic reading with Teresa that can be recorded. Following the individual readings, Teresa will answer general questions the group may have.

    Will Teresa do a Fundraiser?

    Teresa does fundraisers. Because every event is different, we ask that you please call the office at 201-475-1044 to discuss your fundraiser.

    What if I need to cancel my reading?

    Teresa has a 24-hour reschedule policy. You must notify the office either by email at Teresaspeaks@gmail.com or telephone at 201-475-1044. There are no refunds given for readings. No exceptions.

    How do I give a reading with Teresa as a gift?

    First, make sure your friend or loved one really wants a reading. Then, you can purchase the reading using your contact and billing information. You will get an email back with further instructions that you can just forward to your gift recipient. They can book the reading from there.

    Will Teresa tell me something negative?

    Teresa is well known in the industry for providing practical, useful, insightful guidance and wisdom from your heavenly family, friends, Angels or “T.A.G. Team”. If something negative is happening your life, your guides will tell you exactly what you need to do to turn it into a positive situation. Your experience with Teresa should be positive and helpful.

    Cindy T.
    Teresa read my dog after he died, and she was SO helpful at bringing me peace over his passing!

About Teresa

The foundation of my service has a heart-centered, meaningful aura as I energetically connect you with your loves. I am all about serving and spreading the universal truth that everyone has a spiritual family and we are not alone.

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