• White Light Meditation

    What if there was a way to improve the quality? What if you could take 20 minutes a day and put yourself in a peaceful quiet state of being to allow your body to reboot? This reboot would release all stress, strain, worry, and anxiety. This would also allow any un-wanted and unhealthy feelings and ideas to dissipate. Would you do it?

    One of the greatest gifts given by the Creator is LIGHT. Light is the fundamental building block that is in every living being. Light’s composition can alter anything or anyone by changing its structure. Using White Light for healing has been done since the begining of time.

    The White Light Mediation is one of the most powerful mediations that you can do you help yourself. It will give you the opportunity to change your life by spending 20 minutes a day in a peaceful place. Only you are allowed to enter this place filled with Loving Radiant Light to help you heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. This one of those things that you do for yourself….everyday.

    Warning this meditation can be addictive.

    Angel Meditation

    Your Guardian Angel is always with you providing love protection, help, guidance and support. Most people do not know how to get in touch with their best friend. They have not established a working dialogue for their best friend to actively participate in their life in an apparent way. There are so many things your guardian Angel wants to share with you including their name, signs, and information. My Angel Mediation allows you the opportunity to open your consciousness to the beauty of the Angelic realm. This will help you discover your authentic connection with your best friend, your guardian angel.

    Connecting with your Guardian Angel is a way of entering into a state of grace, peace and unconditional love. Your Guardian Angel magificant love envelops you like a soft warm blanket to make you feel protected, loved and will help you de-stress. Doing this meditation at least once a day will develop a strong connection with your spiritual family and enhance your overall health and well-being.

    Pet Meditation

    How would you feel if you could be connected with your furry family member in a whole new way? What if you could help your pet feel better? Act Better? What if you could know more about your pet then you did before?

    Your furry family members want to connect with you to talk about their life, their loves, their happiness and you. Their connection with you is the most important aspect of their life and they want to share their feelings with you. You can start the dialogue by using this meditation to open the door to a higher form of communication. Establishing a new level of communication can give you new insights to help them with their health, happiness, behavior and lifestyle arrangements. Your pet will love you more for connecting with them at a deeper level.

    Bob A.
    I did not believe in dead people talking I went to an event and Teresa read me. I am now a firm believer.

About Teresa

The foundation of my service has a heart-centered, meaningful aura as I energetically connect you with your loves. I am all about serving and spreading the universal truth that everyone has a spiritual family and we are not alone.

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