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Pet Psychic Helps Find Lost Horse.

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As a Psychic Medium Messenger, I am blessed to have the ability to speak not only with loved ones and pets in heaven, but I can talk with living animals as well. I was asked to help find Chief, a missing horse in Mahwah NJ. He had been missing for more than two weeks. Many rescue groups searched for him with no luck.  On a cold Sunday morning I set off with my hiking boots, cup of coffee in hand, talking with my ‘TAG TEAM” and attempting to connect with Chief telepathically. My “TAG TEAM” advised me to climb into the mountains to talk with a segregated Native American community where the horse wound up. I informed the Native American Chief that we knew that one of the residents had the horse in his barn and that we expected the horse to be returned to its rightful owner. The next day the horse was found roaming adjacent to the community. The following day I spoke with Chief, the horse, who revealed what occurred on his journey. It was so rewarding to have Chief home with his family and friends.  Watch the interview from Chasing NJ that tells part of the story.