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Angel Meditation

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Your Guardian Angel is always with you providing love protection, help, guidance and support. Most people do not know how to get in touch with their best friend. They have not established a working dialogue for their best friend to actively participate in their life in an apparent way. There are so many things your guardian Angel wants to share with you including their name, signs, and information. My Angel Mediation allows you the opportunity to open your consciousness to the beauty of the Angelic realm. This will help you discover your authentic connection with your best friend, your guardian angel.

Connecting with your Guardian Angel is a way of entering into a state of grace, peace and unconditional love. Your Guardian Angel magificant love envelops you like a soft warm blanket to make you feel protected, loved and will help you de-stress. Doing this meditation at least once a day will develop a strong connection with your spiritual family and enhance your overall health and well-being.

$9.99 Per Meditation Download