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Pet Reading

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It is my joy and honor to have the gift of animal communication. When I meet your furry family member for the first time my unique loving connection allows us to speak as if we are old friends. My conversations with your furry family pet are a two-way dialogue. I speak with them and they respond in kind. They tell me all about their life, relationships, loves, food, home and health. Their ANGELS will be present in the conversation to help me facilitate personality or behavior issues that need to be addressed.

If you have multiple pets please allow amply time for us to talk. Each pets is approximately 30 minutes.

I meet with you and them in my office, at your home or we can SKYPE our meeting.

To schedule a reading you must first purchase the reading you desire. Once we receive the purchase order we will call you to schedule the perfect time for your reading.

Home visits please call the office at 201-475-1044

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