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White Light Meditation

$ $9.99

What if there was a way to improve the quality? What if you could take 20 minutes a day and put yourself in a peaceful quiet state of being to allow your body to reboot? This reboot would release all stress, strain, worry, and anxiety. This would also allow any un-wanted and unhealthy feelings and ideas to dissipate. Would you do it?

One of the greatest gifts given by the Creator is LIGHT. Light is the fundamental building block that is in every living being. Light’s composition can alter anything or anyone by changing its structure. Using White Light for healing has been done since the begining of time.

The White Light Mediation is one of the most powerful mediations that you can do you help yourself. It will give you the opportunity to change your life by spending 20 minutes a day in a peaceful place. Only you are allowed to enter this place filled with Loving Radiant Light to help you heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. This one of those things that you do for yourself….everyday.

Warning this meditation can be addictive.

$9.99 Per Meditation Download