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The foundation of my service has a heart-centered, meaningful aura as I energetically connect you with your loves. I am all about serving and spreading the universal truth that everyone has a spiritual family and we are not alone.

Private Readings

Imagine the possibilities when I connect you with your higher self, your angels, your guides, and connecting you with your heavenly family and pets.

Pet Readings

I specialize in dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, and most farm and zoo animals. Within a 60-minute reading, I can communicate with up to three animals.

Suicide Prevention

I am a medium on a mission to help save lives. I know what it feels like to be different and face challenges that make you feel like you want to die.

Published Works

What Happens the Day After tells more than just a tale; it speaks of a universal truth, sadly for hundreds of thousands of teens around the globe.

  • Psychic Suicide Prevention Essex County NJ

    Is a psychic reading in Essex County NJ something you are interested in? My goal is to assist people in living a more fulfilling life and connect them with the ones they care about. We aren’t alone. My life’s work has been spreading this spiritual truth. From connecting you to ones that you have lost or helping you find guidance in your career or relationships personalized psychic readings is capable of offering a great deal of help to you in your daily life. When you’re looking for psychic near Essex County NJ or other local areas, there’s no one you need to contact but Teresa St. Frances. For a personalized reading, get in touch with me right away.

    Psychic Essex County NJ

    As a top choice for a psychic in Essex County NJ, suicide prevention is a cause that is very important to me. Life can be a challenge if you feel like you don’t fit in. Sometimes you may even just want to give up. Don’t give up hope, whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, drug addiction, or something else. I have felt this way in the past myself. I am also the author of ‘What Happens the Day After – Messages from Adolescent Suicides.’ When you are interested in finding out more about what I’m capable of offering when it comes to suicide prevention as a psychic near Essex County NJ, contact me today to book a personal reading.

    Medium Essex County NJ

    Call Teresa St. Frances if you are searching for a psychic near Essex County NJ for a get together. This is a unique and revealing experience which is a great idea the next time you are having a get together. A personalized reading will be given to every member of your party. This is a memory which is going to be certain to last a lifetime. Afterwards, you and your guests can learn a great deal about the angelic and spiritual realm and how it relates to healing and protection with a question and answer session. Parties need to be within one hour of Bergen County NJ and these types of readings are meant for six to ten people. There isn’t anyone else you need to get in touch with when you are looking for a clairvoyant near Essex County NJ for your next party or get together. Book a reading today!

    Animal Communicator Essex County NJ

    If you’re looking for a trusted pet psychic in Essex County NJ you’ve come to the right place. While communicating with their pets is something a lot of people think simply impossible, I’ve been blessed with this gift. You may be sure that your furry friend is going to feel comfortable on our first meeting thanks to my considerable experience. This has uses far beyond simple communication however, but is perfect when you want to address behavioral issues. Readings are capable of being done at your home, in my office, or even over SKYPE. Each pet reading is 30 minutes, so please take into account the fact that you will require extra time if you have multiple pets. Are you trying to find a animal communicator near Essex County NJ? Look no further than Teresa St. Frances.

    Spiritual Messenger Essex County NJ

    Are you looking for a psychic reading in Essex County NJ from someone you can trust? Book a reading by contacting me today.

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