Spirits With Teresa

  • Spirits With Teresa

    Grab your favorite spirit: wine, beer or cocktail and join Teresa for some spirit time and real talk.

    In her own inimitable way, Teresa will tackle today’s most pressing topics about society, women’s issues, culture, food, fashion, and life from the viewpoint of one who can see and talk with those in Heaven. She will also discuss topics that she only reserved for her inner circle.

    Visit Teresa St Frances on Facebook and on YouTube to hear Teresa’s unique insights and discover how spirit feels about what’s happening on Earth. Oh, and please share your favorite cocktail recipe, too!

    Episode 1: Welcome To My World

    Episode 2: Aspergers

    Episode 3: Almond Joy

About Teresa

The foundation of my service has a heart-centered, meaningful aura as I energetically connect you with your loves. I am all about serving and spreading the universal truth that everyone has a spiritual family and we are not alone.

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