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Imagine sitting in your Grandmother’s living room or your Mom’s kitchen and having a detailed conversation as if they were still alive. Then envision all your other heavenly family, friends and PETS waiting to talk. That is my gift of a whisper to you re-connecting your loved ones for Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Closure, Help and Healing.

Our time together will consist of information and guidance about your loved ones life and your life including past, present, future, career, health, money, love, relationships and family.

My unique connection also allows me to receive information on your own life issues. A reading can help facilitate healing on many different levels by accessing information that will give you the freedom to release old patterns, situations and behavior.  These inspirational messages are delivered in a loving positive manner and  possess the potential to be life-altering experiences. 

I never travel alone; my spiritual family also known as my T.A.G. Team (Teachers, Angels, Guides) are always with me and with you, as well.

One of my special gifts allows me a medical connection with Spirit/Guardian Angel; therefore, I have assisted in saving lives by sharing previously unknown health information.

Whether you need closure from the past or guidance toward the future, I can shed a light perspective on a dark, old wound helping you create the path to emotional healing.

Through my Trinity Link which opens the gateway into the heavens, I am able to help you live the life you love.

To schedule a reading you must first purchase the reading you desire. Once we receive the purchase order we will call you to schedule the perfect time for your reading.

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